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Children's Books
The Santa Beacon

The Santa Beacon is a 11 x 8.5 ” hardcopy, full-color picture book that comes complete with your very own heart-shaped keepsake ornament to hang on your tree. We hope it will be a beloved addition to your holiday library!
About the book

It’s Ava’s first Christmas away from home and she’s excited to spend it with her Grandmart and Pop Pop and all her fun cousins. But how will Santa know where to find her? Ava knows her younger brothers will be sad if they wake up and there are no presents under the tree, so she sets out to save Christmas. Ava soon learns, though, that Santa has a way of finding every good little boy and girl, simply by following their hearts.

Children's Book
hat Happened to the Tooth Fairy?
What Happened to the Tooth Fairy is a 11 x 8.5 ” hardcopy, full-color pictures book. This fun-loving story about the Tooth Fairy’s visit to Oliver will make kids smile and laugh. It’s sure to become be a bedtime favorite!

About the book
It’s Saturday morning and Oliver remembered that he had just lost a tooth last night. After searching his room, he realizes that the Tooth Fair never paid him a visit. Oliver grows worried and sets out to find out why the Tooth Fairy never came. Oliver is very surprised to later receive a late night visit from the Tooth Fairy herself. She takes the time to explain the many reasons the Tooth Fair is sometimes late to pick up a tooth.


Finn Finds Fun
Finn Finds Fun is a 11 x 8.5 ” hardcopy, full-color pictures book. This uplifting tale teaches children the importance of looking on the brighter side of life!

About the book
An exciting tale encouraging young readers to find the positivity in every day life, Finn Finds Fun! is about Finn, a boy who has had an absolutely no-good, horribly bad day. His mother lets him in on the best secret in the world: Finn has the power to turn the worst day around, if he chooses to find fun in everything he does.