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What Happened to the Tooth Fairy?

We are so excited to announce that our new book is now available for purchase! What Happened to the Tooth Fairy? is Graham Gardner’s second book. This fun-loving story about the Tooth Fairy’s visit to Oliver will make kids smile and laugh. It’s sure to become be a bedtime favorite! The full color book is illustrated by our very talented, Nancy LeBlanc.

About the Book: t’s Saturday morning and Oliver remembered that he had just lost a tooth last night. After searching his room, he realizes that the Tooth Fair never paid him a visit. Oliver grows worried and sets out to find out why the Tooth Fairy never came. Oliver is very surprised to later receive a late night visit from the Tooth Fairy herself. She takes the time to explain the many reasons the Tooth Fair is sometimes late to pick up a tooth.

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We are so thankful to our readers and supporters! Stay tuned for book signings and other fun events!