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Finn Finds Fun!

finfindfunDr. Graham Gardner is excited to announce the release his latest book entitled “Fin Finds Fun!”. “Fin Finds Fun!” is the third book for the orthodontist author following “What Happened to the Tooth Fairy?” and “The Santa Beacon”. “Fin Finds Fun!” is an exciting book about a boy that learns to change his perspective. Although his day starts off badly through a series of unfortunate events, Fin’s mom gives him an excellent reminder of how to find fun in each day.

We are lucky to have Nancy LeBlanc as our illustrator once again – her colorful drawings bring the book to life.

About the Book
An exciting tale encouraging young readers to find the positivity in every day life, Finn Finds Fun! is about Finn, a boy who has had an absolutely no-good, horribly bad day. His mother lets him in on the best secret in the world: Finn has the power to turn the worst day around, if he chooses to find fun in everything he does.

Finn’s clever mother gives him a wide rubber band that reads “SMILE, FIND FUN!” after one especially un-fun day. The next day, Finn looks at his wrist and tries to find the fun in each situation that comes his way. Author of two other children’s books, What Happened to the Tooth Fairy? and The Santa Beacon, Graham Gardner teaches children the importance of looking on the brighter side of life. Alongside Nancy LeBlanc’s colorful and lively illustrations, Finn Finds Fun encourages readers to take control of their days and to find the fun in every situation.

Excerpts from “Fin Finds Fun!”

His mom explained, “You can decide to have a fun day or a sad day. If you choose to be happy and look for fun in all you do, then you will almost always have a fun day. You do want to have fun, don’t you?” 

Fin awoke to a beautiful rainy Saturday. He decided to make rubber band bracelets for everyone he knew.

Finn had a fun Saturday, and a fun week, and a fun month, and a fun year, and a fun life.

How Can I Get a Copy of “Fin Finds Fun”?

“Fin Finds Fun!” is available on Graham Gardner Books today. You can also get a signed copy of “Fin Finds Fun!” at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair on November 21, 2015 at Tuckahoe Middle School.