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Finn Finds Fun!

finfindfunDr. Graham Gardner is excited to announce the release his latest book entitled “Fin Finds Fun!”. “Fin Finds Fun!” is the third book for the orthodontist author following “What Happened to the Tooth Fairy?” and “The Santa Beacon”. “Fin Finds Fun!” is an exciting book about a boy that learns to change his perspective. Although his day starts off badly through a series of unfortunate events, Fin’s mom gives him an excellent reminder of how to find fun in each day.

We are lucky to have Nancy LeBlanc as our illustrator once again – her colorful drawings bring the book to life.

About the Book
An exciting tale encouraging young readers to find the positivity in every day life, Finn Finds Fun! is about Finn, a boy who has had an absolutely no-good, horribly bad day. His mother lets him in on the best secret in the world: Finn has the power to turn the worst day around, if he chooses to find fun in everything he does.

Finn’s clever mother gives him a wide rubber band that reads “SMILE, FIND FUN!” after one especially un-fun day. The next day, Finn looks at his wrist and tries to find the fun in each situation that comes his way. Author of two other children’s books, What Happened to the Tooth Fairy? and The Santa Beacon, Graham Gardner teaches children the importance of looking on the brighter side of life. Alongside Nancy LeBlanc’s colorful and lively illustrations, Finn Finds Fun encourages readers to take control of their days and to find the fun in every situation.

Excerpts from “Fin Finds Fun!”

His mom explained, “You can decide to have a fun day or a sad day. If you choose to be happy and look for fun in all you do, then you will almost always have a fun day. You do want to have fun, don’t you?” 

Fin awoke to a beautiful rainy Saturday. He decided to make rubber band bracelets for everyone he knew.

Finn had a fun Saturday, and a fun week, and a fun month, and a fun year, and a fun life.

How Can I Get a Copy of “Fin Finds Fun”?

“Fin Finds Fun!” is available on Graham Gardner Books today. You can also get a signed copy of “Fin Finds Fun!” at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair on November 21, 2015 at Tuckahoe Middle School.

Review by Sabrina Williams

Thank you to Sabrina Williams for her thoughtful review on “What Happened to the Tooth Fairy”. Please take a minute to read her full review below, and feel free to write your own review herepic.

When Oliver loses his front tooth, he’s eagerly anticipating a visit from the tooth fairy. But when the tooth fairy doesn’t show, his excitement turns to worry. Did he do something to make her angry? Was she hurt? He checks with every member of his family, but no one has a clue where the tooth fairy might be. Oliver becomes so worried that he constructs a trap to capture the tooth fairy and find out why she didn’t take his beloved tooth. It’s time for a tooth fairy interrogation!

Of course, one silly boy can’t capture the tooth fairy, but when he awakens to find her standing on his pillow, she sticks around to answer some of his questions. She explains the numerous reasons why she might be delayed when he loses a tooth. Some are pretty obvious–too many kids lose a tooth in the same day, a kid stays up too late–but some are pretty ingenious. “Fairies are very sensitive. And if fairies are around with a child with a bad attitude, we can get the fairy flu. It can make us fairy, fairy sick!”

The tooth fairy continues her tales and fairy humor until Oliver falls back to sleep. When he awakens the next morning, she has fulfilled her fairy responsibility and replaced his tooth with four shiny quarters. He knows after their little chat they had the night before that if she’s ever late again, he has no reason to worry. He’s even thoughtful enough to write her a nice thank you note.

What Happened to the Tooth Fairy? features detailed watercolor illustrations to highlight each frame. There is an included secret message to decode, as well as a page with a tooth layout and blank areas to record the dates for each tooth lost. There is also a list of ages when a child is expected to lose each tooth. With the tooth records, it easily becomes a family keepsake. Plus, it’s educational. I can imagine this book in dentists’ offices everywhere.

Not surprisingly, the author, Graham Gardner, is an orthodontist, so he must be pretty fond of teeth. This is his second book. His first book, The Santa Beacon, was released in 2012.

Thanks again to Breenibooks.com and Sabrina Williams for the review!


The Untold Story of the Tooth Fairy Revealed in New Children’s Book

Belle Isle Books, an imprint of Brandylane Publishers, Inc. of Richmond, Virginia, has announced the release of What Happened to the Tooth Fairy?, a new children’s book from author Graham Gardner and illustrator Nancy LeBlanc. Gardner’s silly story of the Tooth Fairy, along with LeBlanc’s colorful and imaginative artwork, is sure to capture the imaginations of young readers. Parents, too, will love the lessons the Tooth Fairy teaches little Oliver! The creative duo behind holiday hit The Santa Beacon delivers again in this unique children’s adventure.

Oliver is very excited to lose his big front tooth! But when he puts the tooth under his pillow, he is disappointed to discover the following morning that the Tooth Fairy never came. Curious about what may have happened to her, Oliver builds a special fairy trap and waits for the Fairy to arrive. When she does, she reveals to Oliver the secrets behind just what can prevent her from making it to every kid’s house each night. With What Happened to the Tooth Fairy?, Gardner and LeBlanc bring to life a fun-loving and flighty fairy who has an awful lot to say for such a small creature and even more to teach a curious child.

Graham Gardner was born in West Berlin on an American army base, grew up in a beautiful little town called Martinsville, Virginia, and now lives in Richmond, Virginia with his family in a very strange house on the river. He received his degree in dentistry at Virginia Commonwealth University, and became an orthodontist at New York University, so he gets to help people with their smiles every day.

Nancy Cecere LeBlanc was born and grew up in New Jersey and studied art therapy and art education. While volunteering, working odd jobs and raising her children, she has continued to work on her art in a variety of ways, including painting walls and furniture, and making jewelry. Two things have always remained constant in Nancy’s life, and that is her love of animals and her love of art. She currently lives in Henrico, Virginia with her husband and three children.

Brandylane Publishers, Inc. is an independent press located in Richmond, Virginia that has published fiction, non-fiction, and poetry since 1985.


What Happened to the Tooth Fairy? (Hardcover, 32 pages, $17.95 retail) is available from fine booksellers, online at Amazon and belleislebooks.com, by calling 804.644.3090, or by writing 5 South First Street, Richmond, VA 23219. Requests for review copies should be made to the publisher.

What Happened to the Tooth Fairy?

We are so excited to announce that our new book is now available for purchase! What Happened to the Tooth Fairy? is Graham Gardner’s second book. This fun-loving story about the Tooth Fairy’s visit to Oliver will make kids smile and laugh. It’s sure to become be a bedtime favorite! The full color book is illustrated by our very talented, Nancy LeBlanc.

About the Book: t’s Saturday morning and Oliver remembered that he had just lost a tooth last night. After searching his room, he realizes that the Tooth Fair never paid him a visit. Oliver grows worried and sets out to find out why the Tooth Fairy never came. Oliver is very surprised to later receive a late night visit from the Tooth Fairy herself. She takes the time to explain the many reasons the Tooth Fair is sometimes late to pick up a tooth.

Order you copy today to read more!

We are so thankful to our readers and supporters! Stay tuned for book signings and other fun events!

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