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“A fun, compelling adventure story with a fascinating, educational topic and setting. The ideal age group for the book is probably age 7 – teens, but others might enjoy it as well; so if you’re a parent with kids that age or a young person looking for a good read, you should give it a look.”

“A very whimsical book. Lovely story for anyone who is away from home at Christmas….great story and fun illustrations. Perfect for children of all ages!”

“My daughter loves this book so much she can’t put it down! It is nice to have such a fun book that we both enjoy. She even called her older brother in college to let him know Santa would be able to find him if he didn’t make it home! Thanks for such a great book! We would love to see more by this author!”

“This book is really nice during the holidays to read to our children, they are still young enough to have the wonderful Christmas spirit that the holiday is all about, i love seeing them exited to know that Santa will follow them ” anywhere”. Great read at bedtime!”

“This book is awesome, especially with Christmas coming! A great book for children of all ages to keep the magic of Christmas alive! Makes a perfect family gift. Your children will want to read it year after year!!!”

“Great book!! I gave this to my niece over the holiday season and she demanded to read it over and over again! Fun for all ages to help experience the magic of Christmas and help bring the holiday season to life! Highly recommended from this reader!”

“This is a great book for children! But, its a perfect book to take along if you are traveling with kids over the holidays! It explains the magic of Christmas and where ever you may be for the Holidays, it will be with you and stay in your heart!”

“My girls LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! I have family out of state and this really cleared things up for them! Thank you!”

“What Happened to the Tooth Fairy” features detailed watercolor illustrations to highlight each frame. There is an included secret message to decode, as well as a page with a tooth layout and blank areas to record the dates for each tooth lost. There is also a list of ages when a child is expected to lose each tooth. With the tooth records, it easily becomes a family keepsake. Plus, it’s educational. I can imagine this book in dentists’ offices everywhere.” –¬†Sabrina Williams Read the rest of her review here.

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